What is Celtic Cleansing?
We are an online retail outlet that specialises in a range of hygiene and cleaning products for you, your home and your business.

Are your protective masks made to medical grade quality?
Yes, as they've been certified by the standard set out in CE Directive 2016/425, which governs the standards for such medical supplies in the European Union.

Are your sanitation products approved by the Irish Government?
Yes, all our sanitiser products have been approved by the Department of Agriculture to ensure they are safe for use. Proof of this can be seen by our labels clearly showing the PCS code assigned to each of our sanitation products 

I have read on social media about masks possibly affecting my health if worn too long. Should I be concerned about wearing a mask for long periods of time?
While our masks are of very high quality and comfortable to wear, they are disposable and therefore recommended for one-time use.

Are you able to source other health, hygiene, cleaning and sanitation products?
Yes, while we only offer exclusive products on our website, we are happy to assist our customers in finding the right solutions to protection your family and business. Feel free to use the detail on our Contact Us page to get in touch.